In this episode of TSB, Caesar, The Sneaker Girl, and JumpmanBostic are once again in the #BasementOfTheJs.


We revisit Deflategate and all the media focus that put into Tom Brady’s balls.

We look back at the lawsuit against Nike over the Air Jordan “Jumpman” logo.

We listen back to the constant back and forth between JumpmanBostic and Caesar over their basketball challenge.

Remember the first Just Don X Air Jordan 2 release? We go back to the Nike 21 Mercer release that was shut down by the NYPD.

In a moment of “This Week In Stupid” history, a man tries to steal a pair of Nike KDs by stuffing them down his pants.

We take questions and comments from our listeners, including the question “What sneaker did we regret buying?”

Guru is introduced for the first time on the show.

And lastly, both Caesar and JumpmanBostic have trouble ending the show as clean as they started it.