In this episode of TSB, Caesar, The Sneaker Girl, and JumpmanBostic are back at it in this throwback episode of the show.


We celebrate The Sneaker Girl’s (14th) birthday and look forward to JumpmanBostic’s 52.01692487th birthday.

We field questions from our listeners, which includes questions like: “Is it tacky to wear sneakers in a wedding?” “Is it ok for guys to wear pink sneakers?” And “Is there a such thing as a TOO many sneakers?”

In “Diary of a Shoe Salesman”, someone literally described themselves as a “release date liason”.

The Sneaker Girl has a date?

Caesar goes on his first of many epic rants on the Adidas Yeezy. Specifically, the Yeezy 750 Boost.

Shout out to Chris Henderson. His response to our show is the launch pad to our “This Week In Stupid” segment where Caesar defends Chris Paul and Marshawn Lynch from sports media’s tendencies to build petty narratives.

Is there a such thing as a “sneaker celebrity”? Has social media given some folks in the sneaker community the big head?

And finally, we discuss if entertainers have become more influential in sneaker culture than the athlete.